With us in Füssen you sleep restfully

With us in Füssen you sleep restfully.

Whoever sleeps well and restful can refuel from tasks and challenges of everyday life.

Soothing sleep is vital, an absolute “must” for a healthy body, mind and soul. There are many factors, which influence restful sleeping: health condition, way of life, stress, environmental conditions, but also layout of the bedroom, and the quality of mattress, duvet and pillow. Therefore, it is worthwhile to examine lifestyle and sleeping habits carefully.

Together with researchers from the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, the Kneipp spa Füssen has investigated, how the quality of sleep can be improved, and – based on the results – developed Kneipp based solutions for a healthy sleep. Out hotel has been accredited as “restful sleep host“. With our expertise around healthy sleep, we happily provide advice. Our specifically designed rooms offer a prerequisite to truly enjoy a restful sleep during your vacation.

What do we do as a “restful sleep host”?

Out house features a “sleeping pilot” as a direct contact person. He will answer all your questions and concerns pertaining to a “restful sleep”. He gladly will explain how our rooms are equipped, which programs and services around soothing sleep are provided by the city of Füssen, and which (Kneipp)-tips can help for a truly peaceful sleep. In case of more serious sleeping problems, it is even possible to undertake a sleep screening, and to arrange an appointment in a sleep laboratory in nearby Kempten whenever appropriate.

Restful sleep in Füssen

As a Kneipp spa, and in collaboration with the Ludwig-Maximilian university Munich and the Barmer health insurance, Füssen has received a special qualification “Good and Restful Sleep“. In the course of this study, a three-week prevention program, based on the ideas of Sebastian Kneipp (for more information, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sebastian_Kneipp[MO1] ), was developed, to counteract sleeping disorders. Based on the results of this study, researchers were able to develop various programs.

Our qualification as a restful sleep host

As your restful sleep host, we have equipped our rooms with gradually adjustable day, sunset, or night light, dimming blinds as well as noise insulated windows.

Furthermore, you can individually regulate the thermal environment in your room. The beds are equipped with high-quality body zone matrasses, adjustable bed springs, and periodically cleaned duvets and pillows.

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