General Information

General Information

Adapters Mobile phones/ electronic devices (220V electrical current)
are available at the reception

Alarm clock:
We gladly could wake you up personally. Please get back to us.

If you have any kind of allergies please contact us. 

Your room is available from 15:00 onwards.

An ATM is located 150 m from our hotel, next to the tourist information office in the entrance area of the village store.

Baby crib:
For a crib we charge € 20,00 per night

Baby fittings:
such as a high chair or food warmer upon request

For your daily activities feel free to make use of the hiking backpack located in your room.


Bath robe:
As long as you stay with us, we can rent out bath robes for €5,00. When visiting the Sauna, we will put towels out free of charge. Please contact the reception.

Bathroom scale:
A bathroom scale is available upon request at the reception.

Bathroom stool:
If required, we can set up a bathroom stool in the shower. Please contact the reception.

Beverage service in the lobby
During opening hours of the reception, we gladly serve beverages in the lobby. In our breakfast room is a fridge with drinks and beer.

Bicycle Rentals:
There is a bike rental in the village next to the fishing shop. We can explain you how to get there.

Breakfast 8:00 – 10:00
Welcome to our breakfast buffet served in the ‘Stüberl’ daily from  8:00 – 10:00  On the buffet you can choose eggs served to order (scrambled, sunny side up). Also, enjoy fresh, regional farm products, such as butter, milk, a variety of different cheeses, honey from Seeg and fresh produce and vegetables according to season.

Breakfast room service 08:00 – 11:30
For a breakfast room service please notice the reception until 18:00 the evening before. You will then get your available menu choices.

Regional hiking guides and books about local plants can be found in the lobby. Entertainment books can be found in front of the sauna.

Bus stop:
The bus stops for public transportation in both directions (Füssen / Hohenschwangau or Pfronten / Nesselwang) can easily be reached by foot 80m in ‚See’ (village centre), either to the right of the traffic light or across the street in front of the tourist office). With your FüssenCard you are entitled to free rides on all public ÖPNV transportation.

Bus schedule:
The bus schedule is on display in the foyer.

Cancelling your room without additional charge is possible only until 14 days before your intended arrival. A cancellation at a later date will be will be invoiced with 80% of the total room bill. The same is true for an earlier departure (see Check out).

Chargers: E-bike
To charge the battery of your e-bike, outlets are available in the bicycle garage.

Chargers: Mobile phones/ electronic devices
are available at the reception

Charging station electric car
For a fee you can charge your electric car at our charging station with 100% green electricity.

Coffee station:
Help yourself to some coffee from the coffee machine in the breakfast room in the afternoon

please approach us immediately, so we can put things right. We always strive to recognize necessary improvements.

Computer: Wi-Fi/ WLAN
All rooms and public areas offer Internet free of charge. You can find the password on the stand-up display in your room.

Credit card:
You can settle your invoice in cash or with an EC -, MAESTRO -, Visa - and MasterCard without additional fees.

Check out/ Departure:
We ask that you clear your room by 10:30. Should you like a late check out at 14:00 at an additional charge, please contact the reception desk.

If you decide to shorten your stay, we will charge 80% of your room invoice in accordance with the German Hotel Terms and Conditions Guide. 

Doctor / Dentist/ Pharmacy/ Medical Service On-Call:
In Füssen or Pfronten you will find various doctor’s or dentist offices. This website will may help: Of course, you can approach us as well, if you need assistance.

Outside regular consultation or at late hours, you can contact the „Ärztlichen Bereitschaftsdienst Bayern“ (Medical On-Call Service Bavaria) by dialling 116117.

For life threatening situations call 112!
See also First Aid

In our house, we happily welcome your four-legged friends for an additional charge of 10,- € in the regular rooms, 15,--€ in the premium rooms per night (without food) using their own dog beds.

You dog is allowed on the sundeck, but not in the breakfast room.
Please keep your dog away from benches, chairs and beds. We will charge up to the price of one more night for an extra bed cleaning.

Please do not use the yard for dog litter! A dog toilet with dog bags can be found at the right side along the lake front.

We are happy to serve drinks from our mini bar also to your room.

Do not disturb:
If you prefer not to be disturbed, please hang the sign outside your room door. In case the sign has not been removed at 15:00, our room service will clean your room only the following day.

Early Check-In:
Using the „Early Check-In Option“, your room will be available at 11:30 for an additional charge of € 25,--.

Electrical socket outlet converters (international)
might be available at the reception desk.  Approach our staff.

Emergency physician on call:
In case of medical emergencies outside regular office hours: dial 116 117

The address of our hotel is: Pfrontenerstr. 43, 87629 Füssen

First Aid:
A first aid medicine chest can be found at the reception desk. 
For life threatening situations, call 112! (Fire brigade and uniform rescue number)

In case of emergency: police 110, fire 112

See also Doctor/ Dentist/ Pharmacy/ Medical Service on Call

For emergencies in the house, please come to the reception or dial +49 1733518045 to reach us personally

Food Intolerance:
Please let us know, if you need vegan, gluten- and/or lactose-free food for breakfast.     

Board games for guests of all ages can be found in the wooden game box downstairs
in front of room number 21 (one level below the reception desk).

Group Travel:
For an uncomplicated, undisturbed get-together of a family reunion, hiking group and so on we recommend our secluded group house ‘Dreimäderlhaus am Berg’ in Pfronten for a maximum of 12 people. If you are interested, feel free to approach us at any time.

A hairdresser is located directly next to our hotel.

Hiking poles:
You are welcome to rent hiking poles free of charge. You will find them before the sauna, two stories below the reception.

Hotel Office:
All technical equipment (colour printer, scanner, printer, fax machine etc.) in our office is also at your disposal.  Please approach the reception personnel.

Hygiene Products:
A small assortment of hygiene products for ladies and gentlemen (toothbrush, razor etc.) is available at the reception.

You are welcome to borrow an iron and ironing board free of charge. 

Ironing service:
If you prefer, we can iron your clothes and return them within an hour.

Internet (Wi-Fi/WLAN)
All rooms and public areas offer Internet free of charge. You can find the password on the stand-up display in your room. For your convenience, we place lenovo tablets at your disposal.

The course around the lake adds up to approximately 6.3 km.

Laundry service:
We are happy to wash your dirty laundry. Please place it in the laundry bag you will find in your closet and hand it to the reception. There you will also get the order form. The clean, ironed laundry will be returned within 24 hours.

Unfortunately, we cannot assume liability for any losses. A personal safe is provided in your closet, however.

If you require assistance we will help with our luggage.

Luggage store room, secured:
We can securely store your luggage at our reception if desired.

We will prepare a packed lunchbox for € 9,50, just tell us in advance. Taking food from the buffet is not desired.

Mail Drop Off:
Letters may be dropped off at the reception.

Linen exchange:
In case you would like to have your bed sheets changed daily, please, let us know. We will charge € 12 per additional exchange.

There is a big online selection available on oiur tablets. You can get the devices from our front desk.

Medical Emergency:
See Emergency physician on call

Various medications need to be stored cooled. We are happy to provide a small fridge for this purpose.

Maxibar/ Drinks:
In the fridge located in the breakfast room we offer a small variety of beverages. A price list is provided. The premium rooms are equipped with their own minibars.

Non–smoking rooms:
In all of our rooms, smoking is prohibited. Should you, however, smoke in either your room or bathroom, we will charge an additional fee equal to the cost of two additional nights of your accommodation price, as we also promised the subsequent guests a non-smoking room. Ash trays can be found on your balcony or terrace.

Smoking is also prohibited on the sun deck during breakfast hours from 08:00 – 10:00.

You can park in front of the house free of charge. Should all spaces be occupied, you may park your car free of charge in the public parking area on the right side next to the „Steigmühlenweg“. Parking on the adjacent neighbours’ properties is prohibited. A parking map is pinned on the information wall in the lobby.

You may also ask for our valet parking service.

You can settle your invoice in cash or with an EC -, MAESTRO -, Visa - and MasterCard without additional fees.

In Füssen or Pfronten you will find various pharmacies. This website might help: or approach the reception for advice. Also see „First Aid“.

See Doctor/ Dentist/ Pharmacy/ Medical Service on Call

To listen to music please contact the front desk employee. You will get a device (tablet) with speakers

Our reception is staffed daily from 07:00 – 12:00 and 15:00 – 19:00. Additionally, we are available 24 hours by phone.

Relaxation room:
Relax during or after your sauna visits in our comfortably furnished relaxation room.

If you find something that needs repairing, please contact the reception immediately or leave a message. We are grateful for your support and will make sure to have the repairs done as soon as possible.

Room cleaning:
In order to make your stay in our house as pleasurable as possible, we will start room cleaning from 08:00 onwards, while you are at breakfast. To conserve valuable resources we tidy up only every second day.

You will find a personal safe firmly anchored in the closet.
We also have a central safe in the main office.

Sauna times are from 3pm to 6.30pm. Reservation is required. Relax privately in our Finnish sauna or the sanarium with its higher humidity. The sauna is located two stories below the reception. 
You are invited to choose your own sauna infusion scent at the reception. Additional cost ist 10 Euros for 1,5 hrs

Self Check-Out:
Please inform our reception until 19:00 the day before your planned departure.

Sewing Service:
Small sewing and mending jobs can be done here in the hotel. Please drop of the relevant article of clothing at the reception. See also sewing kit.

Sewing Kit:
You will find a sewing kit in the small box in the closet in your room.

Sheets and towels exchange:
To be eco-friendly we will exchange only towels, which you placed either in the sink or shower, or on the floor, respectively.

Shoe shine machine:
You can find a shoe shine machine next to the sauna. A show shine cloth you will find in your closet.

Smoking – we are a non-smoking hotel
See also non-smoking rooms.

In the breakfast room we offer a small variety of snacks, such as chips, cookies, nuts, chocolate, etc. A price list is provided.

Support Service (First-Level-Support)
If you have questions about our information technology (TV, radio, internet, telephone, TV alarm function), our reception staff will be able to help you.

The Weissensee is a natural lake of highest water quality

Hot spa resort: König-Ludwig Therme in Schwangau – 8 km.

Indoor pool with slide and kiddie pool: Alpenbad Pfronten – 4 km.

Entertainment pool with sauna: Alpspitzbad Nesselwang – 10 km.

Alpine spa resort Ehrenberg: Reutte – 15 km (Austria)

Support the Environment:
You can do this every day, if you choose to not have your room cleaned day by day. In this way you help us conserve natural resources. We are grateful for your support.

Swimming – Towel Rentals:
You can rent a beach bag with two towels at the reception for € 8,--. Taking the towels from your room is prohibited.

When the reception is staffed, we will happily call a taxi for your departure (allow approximately 15 min until arrival).

You may also call: Radio Taxi, Füssen: +49 (0) 8362 - 6222

The main hotel numbers are:

Phone        +49 (0) 8362 91 90 0
Fax              +49 (0) 8362 91 90 30

If you like, we can equip your room with a telephone.

Tourist Tax:
All prices are listed excluding tourist tax. Tax for adults from 16 years of age: € 2,50 per person per day.
Children from 6 Yaers of page pay € 1,25 per peron per day.

Travel cancellation insurance:
The bases of your travel contract are, without exception, the specifications, descriptions, and conditions in our price list, which are valid on the date of booking. With your written, telexed, or phoned registration, you offer us a non-committal contract. From our side, the contract is binding as soon as we have confirmed your booking in writing. We recommend to take out a TRAVEL CANCELLATION INSURANCE.

can be found in your room. Should you need a second one, contact the reception.

Weekly Program:
Find the event highlights of the week under “Veranstaltungen” on the Touch Screen at the reception.

We offer free Wi-Fi in our hotel: dreimaederlhaus_guest, password: drei91900