The German Automobile Club, ADAC, recommended the climatic spa Füssen-Weissensee as a family resort, which has a lot to offer for its guests year-round. Especially beautiful is the autumn, during which time the Allgäu shines with colour. This is the time for extended bike tours across the alpine upland.

Bikers will find truly paradisiac conditions in the rural area around Weissensee. May this be at a leisurely pace through the alpine upland, crisp trails for mountain bikers or steep mountain passes for race bikers – everybody can find the ideal tour after his/her fancy. The city of Füssen is also a hub for popular long distance bike routes. Get a taste during your vacation in Weissensee. Anybody preferring more comfort, can rent an E-bike. Here pedalling is supported by an eco-friendly electric motor. Autumn is the perfect time for experiencing the beautiful Allgäu around the Weissensee, as temperature, being not too high, is very pleasant, and the countryside is beautifully coloured. Below, we will introduce some of the most attractive bike tours around Füssen-Weissensee.

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